I’m thinking about dreams today. How I envision having my own little sea side retreat somewhere.


Literary poetry is the birth of that solitude – in the dream that is.


Oh and while fantasizing… the fantastic career that so completes me. The perfect number on the scale, the fabulously designer home and of course the ever-adoring, never pouty wife and friend.  (Well, I did say dreaming right)?


Seriously though. all the goals left to achieve.. Will I ever get there? And where is there anyway? What other plans are laid out for me that I have no idea about?


And sure some of these are silly. I don’t really care about being the perfect wife and I’m quite comfortable in my own imperfect skin. :)


But when I think about things I view as dreams, I think I put them on a pedestal. Like I’ll never reach them. Like I have no control as to whether or not they’ll come true.


Like. If it’s not up to me. Then who is it up to?


I’m thinking it’s time to change that frame of mind. Time to stop talking myself out of all the ways I can’t do something.


How do I do that you ask?


I tell myself that I’m just not that good. Or. That maybe I’m dreaming too big. As girls, we second guess ourselves to death – literally.


Quite frankly, I’m tired.


And. I’m love with the unapologetic, self-assured gal that loves herself and her talents completely and without question. The woman who has the courage to move forward without even thinking twice about it.


Sooo, I’ve been thinking…


I’m going to try something different. Is that like another language to you? I understand. I’ve told you before. I’m like an alien in my family.


I’m going to start thinking and saying WHEN instead of IF. After all, that’s how I got this far darling. And I’m telling you what – I’m a little scared of my own power when I look back and see all that I’ve overcome and brought to life.


What are your thoughts on the subject of making dreams come true?


And fear? Ha! Get out of my way. There is no space for you in my life.


Happy Weekend friends. Let the dreams land where ever they may! -Irma