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Today.. well.. this week totally sucked. I’m not going to front. Worse week in a long time. Some sadnesses are like thorns stuck there under your skin that you just need to learn to live with. The discomfort that is. The sting. The presence.

And I’m merely working on it. I’m convinced that being happy and keeping your smile on through the hardships of life is an art form.

I guess that’s why I’m thinking about the power of a damned good hug. An affectionate embrace with no intention. Pure and simple.

A “sink into the other person” kind of hug.

Have you ever had one of those? Have you ever witnessed one of those? The real kind?

I’ll tell you what..  I can count on one hand how many I have really felt and maybe experienced.

But. Once you feel it, you WILL know and you’ll never, EVA forget. -Irma