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Are you sick of this color yet? Mint. Mint everywhere.

I’m so NOT sick of it. It’s so fresh, young and chic at the same time. But those mint colored jeans your daughter is coveting are very pricey! (Oh, no-not me darling, cute yes but not for everyone)

So maybe you/she can add it to your wardrobe in smaller doses. I have 3 girls. All very girly. I HAVE to be a savvy shopper!

What about that kitchen? I know it! So open, light and vibrant yes? Cozy and a little rustic.

MOM MOMENT ALERT: I was in some weird funk earlier this week & just like most moms I felt bad for not feeling cheery and positive. So I did something radical. I left! Because I could (older kids) and caught up on a little “me” time. I came back a much better mommy and well.. I wished I’d started doing that years ago. Sometimes, we just need a break. The summers can be long and… you/me – not a robot. You can’t be the ever so patient, positive cheery mom EVERY single day. Can you?

Go figure. We’re human. :)

Yes, I know what you’re thinking.. But they weren’t productive. They watched too much TV/Xbox/Facebook today.. blah, blah, blah

But what about you? YOU ARE WORTH IT.

Is it time yet? Did school start? Happy weekend y’all! -Irma


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