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As the world becomes seemingly smaller I find it even more serendipitous when I connect with people I would ordinarily never cross paths with.

Maybe they love cats and I’m totes a dog person. Perhaps, they are fussy and opinionated. But I don’t care – it’s all the same to me. I seem to be charmed by said person and even totally delighted with our endless differences.

What is that?

That total universal cosmic thingy that draws us to people we would never have met otherwise?

Two thoughts dance in my head: If you have people around you which..
1) love and adore you despite your imperfections, those are people definitely worth keeping around.


2) Why is it so hard to offer that unconditional love and kindness to those closest to us sometimes? … I know what you’re thinking.

Oh, leave me alone. I don’t have to live with those people. -Irma

Photo credit: girl room

Shoes: Via Spiga